• Nicolas Cabrera, Engineer

    Nicolas Cabrera, Engineer

    Nicolas Cabrera, Engineer, CEO for Mescalina LLC, a consulting company that offers services on tech development and StartUp planing and…

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  • Jenith Durango, Interior Decorator

    Jenith Durango, Interior Decorator

    Our mission and goal is to make your world more beautiful, one room at a time. 1-888-412-8377 jenith@durangodecor.com To connect…

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  • Cristina Torres, Graphic Designer

    Cristina Torres, Graphic Designer

    Your brand is the voice, identity and personality of your company. Print Me A Love Note To connect with Cristina…

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  • Esneda Caez, Wholesale Distributor

    Esneda Caez, Wholesale Distributor

    Supplying non-perishable goods to Bodegas and Restaurants in the NY metropolitan area for over 20 years. Call us to place…

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  • Anayancy Housman, Attorney

    Anayancy Housman, Attorney

    As an attorney, with more than 18 years specializing in immigration law, Anayancy R. Housman has helped both immigrants and…

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  • Rigoberto Lopez, Dental Lab Owner

    Rigoberto Lopez, Dental Lab Owner

    Rigo Dental Lab, LLC is committed to providing superior products and outstanding service to dentists and their patients. We aim…

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  • Carlos Doñán, Artistic Director

    Carlos Doñán, Artistic Director

    Director and founder of Folktap Inc. Dance & Music Co. and Latinshines Inc. Performing Arts & Entertainment. 25 Main Street, Tuckahoe,…

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  • Reina Valenzuela, Management Consultant

    Reina Valenzuela, Management Consultant

          Founder and CEO of Starfish*Global LLC. Management and Technology Consulting Services 1(800)507-0790 info@starfishglobal.com

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  • Martha Naranjo, Accountant

    Martha Naranjo, Accountant

    Founder and CEO - Martha Naranjo Accounting 227 Plainfield Ave Edision, NJ 08817

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